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  • United Arab Emirates » 10446 - LeilaAliel

  • I am the exotic personification of a dazzling and alluring lover who exists only in your fantasies and yet, I am real. I am your light-hearted, whimsical companion who will indulge your every mood with my fluid persona. I will envelop you in a halo of desire in which you will crave me terribly. When your secret wishes have gone unanswered, I will be the cure, releasing you from the limitations of life. I have been described as an exquisite beauty with the body of a goddess, bewitching blue eyes, and a sexual appetite that is dangerous. My demeanor is graceful and confident with a heightened presence of sophistication. No matter the occasion, my attire is a harmonious symphony of immaculate detail, tastefully sensual though never overtly sexual. You will long to touch my flawless complexion, run your fingers through thick, black curls that cascade down my back and caress the soft, golden tan of my curvaceous body. The scent and flavor of my skin alone will drive you mad with desire every time we meet. My presence is charged with a lust for life and I am wild for the finer things that it has to offer. Please visit my website for more details..http://leilacaradubai.wix.com/leila#!bio/c66t Join me in Linkedin.com: http://ae.linkedin.com/pub/leila-aliel-cara/51/834/8a5
  • F - 28 Yo - United Arab Emirates / Dubai
  • www.leilacaradubai.wix.com/leila#!bio/c66t
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