Escort Girls – The Story of a Client

One client who often uses escort services was asked told about his experience with escort girls and asked to share us on our website. Below is his story: .

So the first time I visited an escort girl when I was at 18 years old. It happened before the army. My friend and I decided to use escort girls in order to loose virginity before becoming soldiers.

It was a bit awkward experience so after that I decided not to use any escort services for awhile and at 19 I also had a girlfriend for 5 years, so during these years I did not have any interest is escorts at all.

However, when I separated with my ex girlfriend, I decided to use escort girls again and I gave escort services one more chance. And that time I really enjoyed a lot and had a pleasant experience with a gorgeous and beautiful girl.

After that time, I became a regular customer of that amazing escort girl, I even felt in love with her, even though I didn’t do anything about it, because at some point I realized there was really no chance of anything too serious out here.

In about two months, during which I was meeting  the same escort girl once a week, I realized it would not work that way, I was both impoverished and acted like some infatuated boy .

So I decided to meet with more escort girls and, I was meeting them once a month – nonetheless, I choose high quality and very beautiful girls who are also much more expensive.

And it lasted like this over a year, once a month I was spending evenings with different escort girls whom I found online.

Because I am very picky and only able to be with really beautiful girls, I called the girl before I arrived to them, ask her all the questions that interested me and I got their promises that there will be any disappointments.

I have been with quite a few escort girls and I was really satisfied, apart from one time when a girl was different from how she described or introduced herself, but I did not agree to her services.

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